We offer free function rooms 7 days a week!

As well as being one of Richmond’s favourite party venues, Bar 9t4 is also a function venue, offering free venue hire. It’s function room Back Bar, apart from having free venue hire (for minimum 30 people attending) is a great option for those who want atmosphere without huge dollars spent on theming.  As well, Bar9t4 is a practical option as a venue as it is easily accessible from all parts of Melbourne, particularly by train and tram.

Bar9t4’s Back Room is suited to all types of events from corporate functions through to family celebrations. Can’t bare the thought of cleaning up at home after a celebration? The Back Room is the perfect place for a 21st Birthday or 30th birthday venue hire as our barbeque and finger food will tempt the young and those who perhaps wish they still were. Further, those picking up the tab will be delighted that it is free venue hire with very affordable food and beverage options.

Perhaps you know an engaged couple and have been asked to organise the Hen’s but don’t know where to start. Once you’ve agreed on a date, time and booked the Back Room of our Richmond function room, we’ll work with your budget so that a memorable night is had by all.

Whether it’s an 21st birthday function, a 30th birthday function, a corporate event or Christmas party, what everyone wants is atmosphere, intimacy and affordability. Bar9t4 and its Back Bar private function room win on all criteria.

To Book your event Email or call Doni 0423 958 684